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Topographical Surveying

A topographical survey or land survey is an accurate representation of the area of interest showing all natural and man-made features with levels. Shown as three dimensional points all features including the property, land features and physical boundary details are presented on a scaled survey drawing.

We utilize the latest GNSS technology plus Reflector less and Robotic Total Stations, alongside specialist data processing software.

GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Surveying

We use the latest GNSS technology when establishing a control network on site by using the latest Leica, Trimble GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) survey equipment’s. We are also using space-based GNSS correction (Omni Star) in the areas where RTK is not available i.e. in some regions of Saudi Arabia.
Permanent Reference Network (PRN) in Bahrain provides the fundamental infrastructure for development of a huge variety of GNSS applications and whole of the Bahrain is supported with this service.

Live and open Trench Utility (Electrical and water) Survey

The importance of capturing and maintaining high quality, accurate and consistent utility network records in the Enterprise GIS ‘EGIS’ environment that will enable better network-planning and improved customer support and services.

To physically verify, evaluate, measure and record spatial location co-ordinate(s) for a particular utility network assets Collecting attributes such as size, material, type, condition, configuration and so forth for the specific utility and assets under construction.

Keeping EGIS updated, to ensure that GIS always stays current and accurate through regular data updates. The following services were successfully carried out with high spatial accuracy and network connectivity.

  • New house connections -Electricity and water networks
  • Above ground features such as new substations, water stations, manholes etc
  • Emergency services that involve alteration in Electrical and water network route
  • LV reinforcement projects
  • 11 KV reinforcement projects
  • 33\66\220 KV transmission projects
  • Substation, transformer up-gradation
  • Diversion of cables and pipes
  • Water distribution network's construction projects
  • Other Network reinforcement
  • After years of continued success while working on the Utility projects, we have developed capabilities to take on similar large projects.

    Using some of the most innovative data transfer technology available, our on-site operatives are able to instantly send survey data back to the office from anywhere in the Kingdom of Bahrain ready for processing, allowing for increased productivity and a large reduction in our back office as well as paper works.

    Underground Surveying Services:

    Using Electromagnetic Locators (EML) and Ground Penetrating Radar equipment we are able to locate underground utilities services. This can either be 2D or 3D data superimposed onto a base map. All underground services survey work carried out to current Standard Specification for the Survey of Utilities using Radio detection RD-8000. Services identified on-site are discreetly ‘painted-up’ and surveyed using Total Station/GPS and drawing produced in AutoCAD DWG format.

    The Utilities Search Report from Surveys collates and outlines features below the surface such as electricity cables, mains water supplies, gas and oil pipelines, telecommunication wires, sewers and fiber-optic cables.

    The exact position of the utilities is verified by the use of suitable detecting devices and safe digging practices. We can supplement your initial site information by carrying out an investigation of underground services using Radiodetection and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Methods.

    Ground penetrating (GPR) surveys

    Radiodetection techniques are unable to detect non-metallic buried services such as plastic water and gas pipes, fiber-optics and drainage pipes that we cannot introduce a sonde into. To overcome this hazardous situation, we combine the use of Radiodetection with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).We are using latest GPR with dual frequency from GSSI for underground utilities.

    Project tracking Application

    We have internally development a comprehensive project tracking application which is utilized to track all job's, field construction activities, and enabled extracting reports (daily, weekly, monthly and annually etc.)

    The benefits of using Job Tracking include standardization, better communication/collaboration, consistent reporting, project tracking, and considerable cost savings in different workflows.

    Surveying, Mapping, GPS, GIS Equipment Rentals

    MicroCenter offers a variety of surveying equipment rentals, including GPS equipment, mapping and Ground Penetrating Radar rentals. You can rent surveying equipment from us for the day, week or month.

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