MCA Time Plus enables your organization to automate time recording of your employees by accurately recording, storing and processing employee time records. We understand that employee Time & Attendance is an essential component for your organization to save time theft and control cost.

MCA Time Plus ( Time and Attendance Solutions)

MCA Time Plus is flexible and customizable solution which addresses your unique need of timely & accurately time recordings with in depth reporting and exporting capabilities to payroll.

MCA Time Plus Attendance System is the state of the art solution, with Face Recognition, Biometric Finger Print reader, Proximity Card reader and the Key Pad.

Key Benefits of MCA-Time Plus

Automate Time Recording of Your Employees

MCA Time Plus features easy to use time & attendance system for accurately recording the time of your employee and automatically calculate the total working hours. It also includes overtime, vacation, sick days and holidays.

Elimination of Calculation Errors

MCA Time Plus Attendance solution eliminates possible calculation errors by assuring accurate calculation of total working hours and maintenance of other regulations related to works.

Minimal Employee Time Theft

MCA Time Plus Attendance solution assures minimum time theft by employees with the help of rounding rules & linking each clocking with bitmap, it also helps in restricting unauthorized punching by the use of biometrics, face recognitions etc.

Excellent Payroll Export Capabilities

MCA Time Plus Attendance solution is equipped with export capabilities that helps in exporting time records to payroll for calculating salary and other payables.

Extensive Reporting and Insight

MCA Time Plus Attendance solution is equipped with number of standard reports which can be customized to fit your requirements. These reports helps in gaining insights and ascertaining timely & accurate decision making.

Dedicated Support Center

Our team of highly experienced and enthusiastic professionals are always thrive to solve all your issues in minimum possible time. We can solve your issues online or offline as per the complexities

Features of the Attendance Device

  • Any Kind of Shifts: Fixed, Flexible
  • Browser Based Data Retrieval and Report Generator
  • Employee Identification Related Face Recognition, Finger Print, Proximity Card, Key Pad
  • Real Time Display of the Assistant and Missing Persons
  • Data Encryptions to Ensure Privacy of Personal Data
  • Standalone and Networking Operation
  • Data Consultation from the Peripherals
  • Automatic Log of Any Manual Modification
  • Antifraud Option linking Each Clocking with a Bitmap
  • Fully Distributed Software
  • Multiplatform Operation
  • Data Export and Import
  • Up to 10,000 Employees
  • Relay for Door Interface
  • Robust Physical Access (Door, Barrier or Tturnstile) System
  • Explicit and implicit Time-In / Time-Out Facility
  • Operation Totally Configurable
  • Employee Photograph Storage in Employee Master
  • TCP/IP Interface Included
  • Access Control and Time Attendance Application

Reports Generated by Software Tool

  • Resume by Employee Report (Individual Employee Report)
  • Employee Attendance (Weekly, Monthly basis)
  • Punches Report
  • Missing and Present Employees Report
  • Daily Absenteeism Report

Features of Software

  • Integrates Access Control and Labour Control
  • Sending mails to the late comers on daily basis
  • Sending mails to the department head, for the late comers
  • Covers your needs now and for the next 20 years
  • Compatible with whole Clocks Terminals
  • Intranet, Internet retrieval of punches and Accrual hours
  • Reports, Export Data fully Configurable for any Payroll
  • No limit in work stations or number of copies
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