MCA Payroll

MCA Pay has been designed to cater the ever changing need of your organization and to efficiently manage error free and cost effective processing of payroll.

MCA PAY ( Payroll)

MCA Pay is a comprehensive payroll processing and personnel management application designed to expedite payroll processing, Settlements, indemnities, hours allocation to projects and maintenance of the accurate employee information, with efficient ways to record the employee’s earnings, deductions and employee’s loan installments. The system also has provision for providing project wise labor cost, billing and analysis.

Benefits of MCA-PAY   

Flexibility of Customization

MCA PAY is offering excellent flexibility of customization, the payroll could be tailored as per the calculating methodologies of your organization.

Flexibility of Integration

MCA PAY can be integrated with MCA Time Plus and with our integrated business solutions like MCA eBiz & MCA Enterprise for organization wide accessibility and control.

Paperless Processing

MCA PAY is directly taking data from MCA Time Plus and process the payroll, it eliminates the redundancy and hassled recording on registers and manuals. It helps in reducing the time cycle required for payroll processing.

Error Free payroll Management

MCA PAY Paperless processing assures error free management of the payroll, the system is capable of reconciling required fields efficiently and accurately by eliminating any chances of errors.

Efficient Administration

MCA PAY when integrated with our end to end business solution gives tremendous transparency and accuracy in managing payroll. The overall efficiency of your organization dramatically increased by streamlining the key processes.

Comprehensive Reporting

MCA PAY has been equipped with enormous standard reports that can be customized to gain detailed insight about payrolls, personnel reports can also be created and printed to have holistic view of the personnel in organization.

Highly Reliable & Secure

In MCA PAY Security has been given utmost importance to monitor and control any possible wrongdoing in payroll, access controls has been designed to authorize professionals to view and change a particular field.


Payroll Reports

  • Employees List with Particular Allowances/Deductions
  • Up-to-date Salary Report (Normal, with Signature, Employment)
  • GOSI Report
  • Overtime Check list
  • Overtime Summary
  • Salary Increment report
  • Pay Slip (Normal/Enhanced)
  • Pay Register
  • Coinage Analysis Report
  • Job Related Reports
  • Bank Statement
  • Text File for the Banks

Personal Reports

  • Employees List (All Types, Local, Temporary, Contract)
  • Employees List Company wise/Nationality wise/Gender wise
  • Document Expiry Report (CPR, Passport, Work permit, Employment Contract Any Other Documents, Dependent’s CPR & Passport)
  • Employees List Status wise (Active, On Vacation, On Hold, Termination)
  • Entitled/Provision Report
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