MCA Enterprise

The Oracle based Integrated Business Solution developed by MicroCenter; MCA Enterprise is a comprehensive and complete solution for mostly retail and contracting organizations. Its modular design and functional approach allows the software to be scalable with broad spectrum of features. The tight integration between various modules of the software leads to data integrity, operational efficiency and cost effectiveness specially for small and medium sized companies looking for exponential growth. The system is use since 1984.

More About MCA-Enterprise

MCA Enterprise is an intelligent business solution designed and developed to cater all the requirements of the medium scale industries operating either at single or multiple locations. You can start improving your business performance with the features you need at present and then you can integrate more features with your business expansion. This user friendly solution provides you with all the information you need to automate your processes, connect with your employees, and gain deeper & detailed insight to manage and control your core business processes.

MCA Enterprise has been developed on state of the art oracle technology which is highly flexible and can be customized using configurable parameters to match the specific functionality required by you, thus saving enormous time in program modifications. MCA Enterprise enables you to efficiently manage your Inventory, Sales, Purchase, customers, Vendors, Accounting & financials processes to reduce costs, comply with regulations, exceptional delivery of customer value with profitable growth.

Key Capabilities of MCA-Enterprise   

Flexible Enough to Address Your Specific Business Processes

MCA Enterprise workflow architecture and organization wide data sharing capabilities ensures better decision making. Our various standalone applications make us capable to address almost every of your typical business process as per your unique need.

Independent Platform

MCA Enterprise is a platform independent solution, the server component can be installed on a variety of operating systems including Windows NT, LINUX etc., and the clients can be deployed on any platform using multiple operating systems.

Its new application architecture will allow the application to be deployed in n-Tier architecture, which is highly cost-effective when considering the total ownership cost over a period of time.

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Highly Automated Financial Processing & Control

Offers comprehensive financial management solution that provides tools for effective management control and real-time visibility of financial results and everything you need to meet financial compliance and improve your bottom line.

It works seamlessly with other modules to drive better decision-making, sustainable financial discipline, regulatory compliance, and optimized business processes at the lowest cost.

In today’s complex, global and regulated environment, finance organizations face challenges in trying to comply with local regulations and multiple reporting requirements, MCA Enterprise allows you to meet these challenges in a very streamlined and automated fashion.

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Better Inventory Optimization and Production Control

MCA Enterprise offers a complete multi-location inventory management system that keeps track of stock levels and processes that allows you to control inventory costs while having enough stock to meet customer demand.

It offers you to make better business decisions about what merchandise to stock, how to price it, what to discontinue, and follow trends to determine what to market. It extensive analysis of your inventory history gives you flexibility to plan special pricing.

All information required for profitability planning and product trend analysis in standard formats is readily available only one click away. Your operations will be significantly more efficient, helping boost profits, and will help in improving customer loyalty towards your organization with excellent customer service.

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Excellent Sales Management

MCA Enterprise offers field sales representatives, sales managers, and sales executives with comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing all sales activities across the organization.

Business benefits include increased visibility into the sales cycle, increased sales revenues, lower sales costs and enhanced long-term profitable customer relationships.

MCA-eBiz also has some unique and specialized functions like a LITE CRM solution for the Sales Task Force (using smart devices) which is an efficient tool for managing the sales promotions, managing sales leads that could be easily converted into sales orders and subsequent payment follow-ups.

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Integration with Other Systems

MCA Enterprise can be integrated with other electronic devices and systems like Bar code readers/ weighing machines, Time and Attendance Systems, smart card readers etc. as per your business process requirement.

Extensive Implementation Experience

MicroCenter with over 100 successful implementations and over 80 installations in GCC (Mostly in Bahrain) not only has extensive experience in implementation but also has enormous knowledge of the business processes and practices followed in this part of the world.

In addition with over 100 personnel in the company it has a dedicated team of having wide ranging operational and functional experience in handling the concepts of core functional areas like Finance, Inventory Management, Purchase, sales and distribution, project costing and personnel management.

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Implementation Methodology and After Sales Support

Further, based on our experience we have also developed a unique methodology that allows our customers enough flexibility to deal with system adoption with minimal changes and quick implementation.

Our system also provides flexibility in terms of future scalability where the customers can use additional oracle business intelligence tools that enable organizations to analyze their critical business parameters on real time basis. In addition we also make sure that the customer derives maximum benefits of the system by providing with cost effective implementation and training and long term maintenance support.

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What Clients Say

MicroCenter has been instrumental in providing us excellent support in implementing the MCA Enterprises to manage our business requirements.

We appreciate the efforts and dedication of MicroCenter’s team of consultants for successfully providing the necessary guidance and support for the process improvements and migration activities. We wish them more success in future

Mr.Kishore Kewalram

Director Kewalram & Sons WLL

MicroCenter MCA Enterprises is a superb package that goes above and beyond our expectations. We are extremely satisfied with the automation of business processes which indeed helped us in improving our overall efficiency.

I would highly recommend MCA Enterprise to organisations looking for improved performance and profitability.


Financial ManagerAl Jazeera Shipping

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