Visitor Management System

We offer a Visitor Management System (eVMS) that meet the core security requirements of medium & large Organizations.

Features of Visitor Management System (eVMS)

  • Visits-in: Reading of CPR for capturing the visitor’s details and entering visits detail.
  • Visit-out: A page showing all current visitors and user can view the details of the checked in visitors.
  • Manage visitors: The administrator can block or activate a particular visitor.
  • Visits details: The user can filter the data depending on date, time, visited persons, visited locations etc.
  • Receive notifications whenever a visitor arrives at your premises.
  • Reports: with all details about visitors and visits can be generated instantly.
  • Data Sharing: Data can be accessed across multiple locations. This helps the organization to store all details of visitors in a central repository
  • Blocking: Blocking a Visitor from the compound

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates need to manually write details of visitors in the registers
  • Reduces time consumption and effort for visitors as well as security
  • Prevents any incorrect information from being recorded
  • Eases analysis of details by generating instant reports
  • Bilingual Software (English/Arabic)

Appointment Management

  • The secretary/receptionists to raise a request for appointment on behalf of the visitor to the staff/employee
  • Visitors without prior appointments can raise a request for an appointment which would be communicated to the employee.
  • The Employee can accept, cancel & postpone the appointment according to this convenience; an email for the same action will be send to the visitor at the same time.
  • Appointment Reports: All Reports related to the appointments can be generated.

VMS- Reports

  • Daily, Weekly and monthly visitors info report
  • Current visitors inside premises, time spent by the visitor
  • Particular visitor report, Flexible report fields
  • PDF reports, customized reports
  • Chart Reports, Graphical Reports, Reports by nationality

VMS- System Administration

  • Overall organizational information
  • Department details
  • Staff details
  • Team of employees to function as a group
  • Creation of login accounts for a single user or group with assigned privileges


  • Staff/employee will receive notifications from the system via e-mail/desktop alert or SMS
  • The notifications are sent every time the security supervisor scans the visitor’s CPR card at the gate
  • When the visitor exits the organization, the staff/employee receives another notification regarding the same

Additional Features

  • Passport Scanner Integrated with VMS
  • Sticker Printer
  • Rewriting Plastic Card printer
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